Would you like some more? Relaxed round or straight to the royal stage of the Giro d’Italia? The choice is yours!

As a racing cyclist you dream of the Stelvio Pass road, the Mecca of all road bikers. With a stone’s throw you stand on the starting line, the 48 hairpin bends to the 2,758-metre-high pass lies at your feet. But that’s not all, on the path of the Giro d’italia there are still many passes and quiet side valleys to discover!

I will gladly provide you with maps and GPS tracks. We load the tours onto your own GPS device or one of my Garmin rental devices.

There are things that every road biker must have done at least once in his life: an audience with the “Queen of Alpine Roads” is an absolute must. Whoever climbs the 48 hairpin bends, almost 25 kilometres of gradient and 1,844 metres of altitude difference has rightly earned the accolade of knighthood. As a racing cyclist, you dream of the Stelvio pass.

Our contribution to your perfect racing bike holiday


“We are a part of the Bikehotels Südtirol! Only selected companies that meet the necessary criteria are allowed to join this group!


“Your bike is safe! Because the bike room is lockable and has been equipped with a tool corner and air compressor for minor repairs!

Route planning

“I am an enthusiastic biker myself and will gladly advise you on your tour planning, you will get the map material from me!


“Whatever the planning of your tours! I will gladly organize a shuttle.”

Garmin GPS-Rental

“You can’t wait to discover our region? No problem, grab a Garmin eTrex series GPS with pre-loaded tours and go.”

GoPro ActionCam rental

“You want your own action video? Borrow my GoPro and become the director of your bike adventures.”

Bike Wash

“I’ve arranged a washing place for your bike in the garden.”

Washing machine

“If it gets really dirty on the tour, you have the possibility to wash your laundry for a small fee! You’ll find a clotheshorse in your apartment.”

I know what bikers need...

As a road biker, you know the proverbial ups and downs: you love the agony of an almost endless climb and only the anticipation of the upcoming descent lets you hold out. When you are ready, you swear by your favourite saddle that you will never do anything like this again. Only to begin two days later to research the next adventure on the computer. You know exactly what I’m talking about?

Then I have good news: Your search has come to an end. In this collection I have put together some tours for you that leave nothing to be desired. Almost all of them start right on our doorstep, in the high mountains where cycling legends were born. The scene of the toughest stage races and a guarantee for torturous climbs that you will both hate and love. You will be exhausted but you will reward yourself for all the effort. The magnificent scenery of the Alps, breathtaking views and action-packed descents compensate you for everything and make every single tour an unforgettable experience.